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It is usually hard to lose weight and work at the same time. Whether you are on the road, in office or in a school it is certainly very difficult to maintain a perfect figure as well as work at the same time. Our work life can have a great impact on our waist line.

 The life of a working person

We spend our afternoons munching on junk food, attend heavy business lunches and dinners, survive on vending machines and to make things worse do not make an effort to exert at all. Demanding bosses and pending deadlines leave a person exhausted and too stressed out to make an effort to maintain his/her body.

We ten d to miss our breakfast skip meals and consume high calorie food for energy to make ourselves feel better. Usually when a working person comes home after a long working day he/she does not feel like or maybe does not have the energy to cook a nutritious meal and ends up ordering processed or high calorie food. The result is we rely on takeaways and gulp down more than a few glasses of wine.

In addition a working person may find himself working up all night or the simple fact of being tired may cause you to let go of any form of exercise. You will find you self slouching on the coach and munching on unhealthy food. Lack of sleep is actually a primary detrimental factor in weight loss.

Thinking about losing weight while working may seem to be like a full time job. You might imagine having to shop for wonderful yet weird ingredients, packing lunches and so on. However this diet plan is not typical. We understand the needs of a working person and thus the diet has been devised accordingly.

Why go for this diet

  • You can grab breakfast on the go if you don’t find the time to prepare something at home
  • You won’t have to spend hours in the kitchen when you come back home tired from work. All the meals hardly take 15 min to prepare.
  • You can still enjoy the occasional office treat

What has to be done?

  • You will have to calculate your calorie count and choose one meal from the list provided below. It is recommended to have one breakfast, lunch and dinner per day
  • If you happen to have a high daily calorie allowance then make use of energy-boosting snacks
  • Add in an extra 275 ml skimmed milk per day. You may drink it on its own or add it to your tea or coffee.
  • Add a salad or vegetable in your diet


  • 1 small banana, kiwi fruit natural yogurt. (195 calories)
  • 6tbsp branflakes with raisins, raspberries and skimmed milk. (245 calories)
  • wholemeal toast with 2tsp peanut butter and a small banana. (285 calories)
  • Weetabix with skimmed milk and strawberries, small glass of orange juice. (285 calories)
  • 1 skinny latte, 1 reduced-sugar cereal bar and 1 small banana. (300 calories)


  • Ready made sandwich, wrap, roll or salad (check the label for calories) and 1 apple (250 calories)
  • 4 oat crackers with 2tbsp low-fat soft cheese and salad. Plus 1 pot fat-free fruit yogurt. (315 calories)
  • 1 wholemeal pitta bread with half a 200g tub tzatziki, crudités and 1 nectarine. (310 calories)
  • ½ carton fresh minestrone soup and a orange orange. (285 calories)
  • Salad topped with 1 sliced skinless chicken breast and fat-free dressing and 1 wholemeal pitta. (300 calories)


  • Vegetable Gnocchi-use fresh gnocchi, steamed vegetables, low fat tomato sauce and serve with Salad
  • Chicken Couscous-Use 8 tbsp of couscous, spring onions, lemon juice, black pepper, coriander and a small skinned chicken breast
  • Grilled lean loin lamb chop-use minted new potatoes, low fat spread and mint sauce
  • Omlette-use sunflower to cook the omelette. Use red onions, mushrooms, green pepper and skimmed milk
  • Steak sandwich-Grilled fillet steak, granary bread and salad.

These meals are easy to cook and are very low in calories. As a working person weight loss may seem to be impossible. Along with this diet plan you may take Phen375. This pill increases the body metabolism and fat burning ability. Phen375 will aid your weight loss journey.

Working Person exercise

As a working person apart from the diet plan you must take out time to exercise. You can walk in your office and do exercise at your seat. Change your life style by going to the gym or adopting a healthy sports habit if not 7 days a week but at least 5 weeks. Small changes can help you out in your weight loss program.

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