How to Lose 20 Lbs Fast with Diet and Supplements

Those of you wish for losing 20 pounds must be pretty motivated for weight loss. Maybe you want a lean body, fit in to your wedding dress or simply get rid of the body fat. Losing weight is not a dream. You can lose 20 pounds fast.

Many of us are most of times eager to lose weight but are unable to do so due to various reason which include

  • Thyroid issues
  • Lack of motivation
  • Adrenal fatigue
  • Cellular toxicity

Whatever the problem which hinders your weight loss may be you can lose weight with the assistance of our tips and Phen24. Phen24 is all round solution for weight loss and unlike other supplements it actually aids you in weight loss.

The 2 rules to lose 20 pounds

The 4 rules to lose 20 pounds are pretty simple and specific. You may be expecting to get an update on food which you will have to avoid but in this article you will get to know about the fat burning foods for a change.

Get Done with the Metabolism Death Foods

Three foods which absolutely ruin your food are processed sugar, whole grains and canola or vegetable oils. This type of food can absolutely send all your weight loss efforts go down the drain. You have to make an effort to replace such food with health alternatives.

We usually believe that fat is the first thing that makes us fat. Well that is not the case. In reality consuming too much sugar is key factor for increasing fat. Sugar can be disguised in many forms. It may be known as corn syrup, fructose, and brown sugar and so on. You may also find healthy food to have a high content of sugar such as granola bars and salad dressings.

The key is to replace all such sugar with natural sweeteners such as honey. However these natural sweeteners should be consumed in moderation.

Let’s talk about whole grains now.  These are thought to be healthy but in reality they are far from helping the metabolism. Grain is comprised of gluten, starch and phytic acid. All of these substances can be harmful to you. Gluten is known to cause inflammation. Starch is quickly digested and converted in to insulin. Phytic acid binds to minerals. The end result is that you are not getting enough nutrients but in fact causing much damage to your health.

You should try to lower the consumption of grains in your daily routine. Instead replace them with fruits and vegetables. Use coconut four instead of simple flour.

Coming to canola and vegetable oil these slow down the process of weight loss. In fact genetically modified hydrogenated oils can cause inflammation. You should replace such oils with coconut oil and grass-fed oil.

Eat 4 fat Burning Oils Every Day

Once you have got rid of metabolism death foods you have to concentrate on reviving your metabolism. Below are the top fat burning foods which will help you burn fat fast.

Wild Protein

Your body will turn in to a fat burning furnace if you consume enough protein. Proteins are the building block of muscles. Therefore they support the metabolism the most. In addition protein is the least macronutrient to be stored as fat. You should consume things such as ground fed beef, organic chicken, eggs, fish and bone broth.


Coconuts contain a healthy type of fat known as MCFA. They easily burn and provide enough energy. It will be beneficial for you if you replace other sources of fat with oils with coconut oil. You can add coconut oil in your cooking, coconut milk in your smoothness and use coconut flour for baking.

Sprouted Seeds

Seeds that have sprouted include

  • Chia seeds
  • Flaxseeds
  • Hemp seeds

These seeds contain plenty of fibre. They will assist you in your fat loss efforts. They also happen to have a high protein and omega 3 content which helps your metabolism.

Nutrient Dense Vegetables

Now when you plan to lose weight you should not only focus on cutting down the calories but should try to build up on nutrients too. Vegetables have the highest source of vitamins and vegetables. Nutrients support organs like thyroid.

You should include green leafy vegetables in your diet. These include cabbage, cauliflower, asparagus and carrots. You should include protein, fibre and healthy fat in every single meal you consume. It is advisable to consume fruits in the morning and around workouts.

These were the two rules you have to follow to lose 20 pounds in a week. However you must not forget to consume Phen24 too. In addition make it a habit to exercise at least 30 min day. By doing this your metabolism will get a boost and you will be able to burn more fat. By following these steps you will surely lose 20 pounds.

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