How to improve sexual stamina

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Reaching an orgasm too early during intercourse is a problem many men face. It can lead to unsatisfying sex, as well as embarrassment. Some men overcome their premature ejaculation issues in adolescence but some still have issues with their sexual stamina. The fact of the matter is that almost everyone has experienced finishing early from their partners during sex. But leaving your wife unsatisfied after you are done might make you feel emasculated. This might hurt your self esteem, make you conscious of yourself and cause anxiety, all of which will impact your future sexual intercourse.

But the good news is that you need not worry about it any longer. Other than multiple ways to improve your sexual stamina below you could use Male Extra. An all natural male enhancement product that will solve your early ejaculation problems and make you last longer in bed. With Male Extra you can satisfy your partner and have more intense orgasms.

Calm your mind

The time of ejaculation is actually related to what is going on in your head. If you are too excited, it will reduce your intercourse period causing you to ejaculate prematurely. To last longer in bed you will have to calm your mind. If you get too involved in the moment, your chances of early ejaculation are high. You can increase your intercourse period by distracting yourself and thinking of other things that can help slow your mind. You may think that this would reduce the intensity of the sex but you will feel much better when you know that you satisfied your partner. Try to think more subtle thoughts.

One of the reasons for finishing early is fantasizing during sex rather than being present in the moment. If you are playing porn scenes in your head rather than what is going on it may cause you to ejaculate early.

Change positions

It is a good idea to choose the position you love best to the last because they are sure to make you come. To increase your sexual stamina you should work up to these positions. Switch your position whenever you think that you are about to pop. This technique will help delay the inevitable. Change your positions every few minutes while pleasing her orally. This will also make your partner think of you as a pro with great sexual skills.

Take it slow and don’t rush
Sex is not a race. Start it steadily and aim for a strong finish. Your sex should start with foreplay. Extended foreplay can extend the sex. Take longer to get warmed up than early; tease each other up before you go for intercourse. If your partner is multi-orgasmic, get her off a few times. This technique will make you more comfortable; remove any performance anxieties and pressure. Sex should be relaxing not stressful.


Taking breaks during sex is a great way to increase your love make sessions, making them more potent. Although, changing positions can help prevent early orgasms, taking breaks can further prevent the inevitable climax. Whenever you feel like you are about to reach the point of no return, it is best to stop and take a break from intercourse. During that break, focus on oral sex; go back to making out with each other and pay attention on pleasing your partner more. Focusing on your partner will hint to her that when it comes to sex you are not selfish and really care about what she wants.

Practice with Masturbation

Practicing masturbation properly can help with your sexual performance. Practicing with masturbation is known to increase the time before ejaculation. However you have to be cautious to not do it rashly or over do it, as that can have negative consequences. So, if you are having trouble with premature ejaculation you can always use masturbation as a way to help with your longevity. Maxoderm Review

Use lubrication

Studies that have been conducted tell us that men who use lubrication in union with condoms lasted longer in bed than those who did not. So, lubricate well to ensure you have longer love making sessions.

Have more sex

If you want to be great at sex and increase your performance and stamina you should have more sex with your partner. Practicing will make you a pro at sex and over time it will also help increase your sexual stamina. The more you have sex the better at it you will get.

The above mentioned techniques and tips will allow you a more fulfilling sex life by increasing your sexual stamina. In conjunction with these ways you can also use Male Extra. It’s a leading male enhancement product with over 150,000 + satisfied customers that will give you super stamina and the confidence you need in bed.

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