How to Deal with Testosterone Decline

Low testosterone is becoming a very common diagnosis. A larger bracket of men are getting older and opening up about their lowering levels of testosterone. After all this is the ultimate hormone found in men who define their manhood and sexuality. It is the hormone which makes the hair on a man’s chest grow and the main trigger for his sex drive.

Lowering levels of testosterone can become a problem as the hormone has a great impact on the male body. The hormone happens to decrease with age by the percentage of 1 after the age of 30. This natural loss is due to an increase in the activity of 5-alpha redacts. This specific enzyme converts testosterone in to DHT.

The gradual loss of testosterone can cause hair loss, fatigue, low sex drive, weight gain and mood swings. However you can put a break on testosterone decline through the following tips.

Avoid toxins which are endocrine disruptive

Research has proven that certain everyday chemicals have an adverse effect of testosterone. Some of these are found in plastics, canned food linings, metal oestrogens and non-phenyl ethylates.

Avoid certain foods

If you are suffering from low testosterone it is recommended to avoid certain foods. These include soy fermented products. These are known to contain hormone like substances. Monosodium glutamate is also to be banned from your diet. Your priority should be to consume organic products to cut down the disruptive hormonal effects of pesticides and herbicides.

Maintain a healthy weight

Excessive weight gain can cause your testosterone levels to drop significantly and estrogen levels to increase. You should work with a nutritionist to help you design a diet plan according to your calorie requirements. You should eat healthy. Maintain a balanced diet with enough nutrients. Avoid fattening and high carbohydrate foods.

You should also include an exercise plan to boost up your energy and get your body working. A healthy weight means you feel more confident and your body feels well.


Start to move. Intense physical activity can help you gain on your low testosterone levels. In fact interval training is known to help testosterone levels revive. You should go for aerobics to increase your overall health. Strength training can also be incorporated. Exercise should be a part of your daily routine in order to increase your hormone level.


If you think your testosterone level has reached a very low stage you should go for supplements such as testogen. Testogen is an intelligent formula devised to increase your testosterone levels naturally. Testogen increases your concentration levels, stimulates your libido and gives you more energy. Testogen is a safe product and has no side effects.

Reduce Your Stress Level

Stress can have an adverse impact on your health. When you are stressed the body reacts negatively. The hormone cortisol is produced more which hinders the production and activity of testosterone. Therefore you are required to lower your stress levels. You can take up relaxing activities such as yoga, meditation and tai chi. Dedicate at least one hour of your day to stress relieving activities.


Research has proved that intermittent fasting can cause your testosterone levels to rise. The results are outstanding when you combine intermittent fasting with exercise. This is possible as fasting increases hormones such as leptin and insulin. These hormones are known to benefit testosterone. Intermittent fasting also helps men who are losing testosterone due to the age factor.

Soak in the sun

You may have heard about the benefits about sunlight. Well here is another one. It helps your testosterone level too. Sunlight provides us with the essential vitamin D. Studies show that there is a direct link of vitamin D and testosterone. So instead of consuming vitamin D capsules just lie down in the sun and improve your male hormone without any effort. However if you are very low on vitamin D sunlight will not be enough and you might have to take supplements.

Opt for a natural lifestyle

The closer to nature you are the more chances that your health will be good. Nature helps in us in every way and it is up to us that we appreciate it in return. It is essential that you go natural at home. Make sure consume personal and health products which are not comprised of chemicals. In addition make sure you do not use air fresheners at all. Go for natural substitutes instead. Testo Max Review

One should understand that low testosterone problems may lead to further health issues. Therefore it is better that we get hold of the issue at the right time. Once you cross the age of 30 you are in for a testosterone decline. So instead of waiting to reach our old age you should start following the tips so that you do not face any problem in the future.

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