Fasting & Weight Loss

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Diets that almost make you starve? Checked. Rigorous exercises? Checked. Still not losing considerable weight? Definitely checked. If this sounds like you, Forskolin Fuel brings to you an effective way to lose weight without any tough schedules or training. Not many people try this out but it is one efficient way of burning fats and calories to achieve the figure you always wanted – fasting.

What is fasting?

Fasting is the acting of abstaining from all kinds of food and drink for a certain period of time. Even though it is usually considered a solely religious practice, fasting can be carried out for anyone for multiple reasons. These can include medical or technical reasons. However, fasting has a very deep and age-old link with losing weight and many people carry out rigorous fasts just for the sake of burning fats and losing their weight. The results have been astonishing and many people have reported it to be the best way to lose weight, especially if one is looking for quick weight loss methods. Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss

How can fasting help weight loss?

During fasting one does not take in any form of calories which results in your body consuming the stored ones. When you don’t take in enough carbohydrates or fats your body uses the ones which are already present. After using carbohydrates for respiring it starts digesting the stored fats. This results in the burning of those fats and eventually loss of fat based weight which does not get back on easily. This ensures efficient weight loss if carried out properly and without break. Consistency is the key for any diet to be successful.

Fasting also activates a few hormones in your body which assist in weight loss by giving you the feeling of being full and less hungry.

Talking specifically about intermittent fasting, it is the act of carrying out fasts repeatedly but with breaks. This does not put too much physical strain on a person and lowers the risk of dehydration, fatigue or sudden and dangerous weight loss.

How to carry out fasting to lose weight?

There are quite some popular and widely used methods to use fasts to lose weight. Some of them include skipping breakfast and only eating in an eight hour long period, carrying out an entire day or two long fast(s) and eat a very low number of calories on two days of the week and then consume calories normally the rest of the 5 days.

However, one needs to ensure that his calorie consumption after breaking the fast is not extremely large otherwise he would gain weight instead of losing it. As long as you are not compensating the calories lost during the fasting period by eating food later, you will reduce weight healthily.

The biology of fasting and weight loss

By fasting our insulin level goes down steeply. Insulin is a hormone responsible for maintaining our blood glucose concentration. When its concentration dramatically decreases it starts burning fat which eventually leads to weight loss pills.

The nervous also comes into play and sends signals to the brain which then releases certain chemicals responsible for breaking down fats into fatty acid chains and glycerol molecules. By respiring fats for energy, the stored fats in body are decreased which make you less pudgy or fat.

The Human Growth Hormone is our body starts increasing in concentration. This particular hormone, responsible for our growth, also helps is burning fat and muscle gain so with its increase, the chances of losing fats also drastically increase.

The best thing is that you don’t even need to carry it out for long. According to several studies and surveys, only keeping these fasts for two consecutive days can lead to significant weight loss. This also owes to the fact that intermittent fasting induces metabolism enhancement and the body starts digesting food quickly and more efficiently, giving you the feeling of being full and satiated.

What precautions to take?

Fasting, especially intermittent fasting comes with a few side effects and it should be carried out with great medical care. Due to suddenly cutting down on your calorie intake, there is a great chance of fatigue, excessive sleepiness, headaches, muscle aches and diarrhea to occur. As a result, not everyone can try intermittent fasting for losing weight but if you are healthy enough to carry it out it is an excellent way to drop many pounds quickly. Make sure to see a doctor or medical expert to get yourself approved for trying out fasting as a way to lose weight to avoid any unfortunate circumstances. An alternative solution can be to keep your fast for smaller periods of time than very large ones.

With so many immediate benefits, fasting can be an effective method to reduce your weight but it must be carried out only after thorough consideration and expert advice.

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